Animated Emoticons App

dat ass emoticonWe set forth to create the best emoticons app on the iTunes market. While there are several apps out there already, most of them failed to meet our expectations. We knew we could create a better emoticons app and here’s are 7 reasons why our animated text emoticons app is better:

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  • All of our emoticons are animated. Think of it like the common emoji icons but animated.
  • Our app is 100% free to use. You can download our app and get access to hundreds of emoticons.
  • If you do wish to add more emoticons, we regularly add new emoticon packs for only 99 cents.
  • We regularly add more emoticons free of charge. Don’t be alarmed to see his constant app updates.
  • Our app is lightweight meaning everything operates smoothly and quick. No bloatware unlike other apps.
  • We have the best selection of emoticons, including some of the current hot trends.
  • All of our emoticons fit perfectly inside chat bubbles. No more hard to see smilies that are cut off.



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